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"I have used Orlando jet for the past couple of years. They are highly professional and I found their prices more affordable than the other charter competitors. Their leases are safer and secure. Orlando is the only private aircraft company I trust and would recommend to others."

James Says

"Orlando Jet has a variety of aircraft and will fit any need, which is ultimate for a guy like me. I like heavy aircraft and prefer such travel always. Every request for safety and comfort has been fulfilled for the past 3 years… today Orlando Jet is part of my every out of town trip."

Mathew Says

"Being a business man, I always judge every service on the basis of quality, promptness and price. These are the main things I consider, and I am highly delighted that I am getting all three from Orlando Jet. I have found that Orlando Jet is constantly increasing it performance in all the aviation services."

Roy Says

"Like other professional athletes , I have to travel a lot for tournaments. To perform better, I need a safe, relaxed journey. When I started seeking private air travel options, flexibility, cost and safety were my main concerns. Orlando jet offered me all of these options."

Martin Says

"My family and relatives are residing in different states, and I have to travel a lot due to business and family reasons. I have been using Orlando jet’s services for past 5 years, I found their services excellent. Sometimes I just inform them a few hours before I need to leave on a last minute trip and they are happy to help."

Jacob Says