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Orlando Jet is one of the leading Private Aircraft Charter providers of the world. Based in Florida, it has gain tremendous popularity across the globe by providing quality aviation services at affordable rates. Our Aircraft Charters are able to provide high level of security, convenience, confidentiality and comfort. Orlando Jet is a renowned name in Florida aviation group for safest and fastest Aircraft Charters.

Unlike other by Aircraft Charter Companies, Orlando Jet is using the ultimate cutting edge in its equipments. We can supply any type of Private Aircraft Charter for corporate group travel or family tour worldwide. With our economic Private Aircraft charter service, you can cut down till two third of your travel expenses. Such facilities keep you away from hectic schedules of commercial airlines.

Orlando Jet offer personalized Aircraft Charters which gives you liberty to select your choice of Private aircraft charter on the basis of group size, duration and destination. Whether it’s a business trip or holiday tour, we are able cater your travel need completely. We have won heart of big corporate and wealthiest people with the help of our excellent aviation services.

We do not take any membership fees or any hidden charger. You can join us for free and take advantage of our reliable Air charter services. We always keep customers comfort and privacy in mind while designing any program. Our programs can be customized to fulfill individual travel need of client. We are part of leading aviation group of Florida and have set a benchmark for other Aircraft Charter Companies.

At Orlando Jet, you will get ample choices of selection as we have great variety of aircraft charters. Safety of our customer is our prime concern. We use high quality equipments to provide safe and sound air travel solution. All our Aircraft and operating procedures are regulated by FAA guidelines. Our Private aircraft charters are the best in the industry and recommended by Aircraft auditing agencies, Florida.

You can hire pilots and crew members along with Aircraft charter. Our professionals are some of the best and experienced people of the aviation industry. Fly high with our cost effective luxurious private aircraft charter.