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Safety and well being of customer is our top priority. All the Private Aircraft Charters operated by Orlando jet of Melbourne, Florida are able to fulfill safety and travel requirements of travelers. Orlando Jet is a renowned Private Aircraft Charter supplier and conspicuous for providing quality aviation services across the world.

We offer fast and prudent Aircraft Charters which saves time and cost of our customers effectively. With our Private Aircraft Charter, you can cut off two third of your air travel expenses. There were days when Executive classes of commercial airlines were the only way to enjoy luxury and privacy. Main advantage of Aircraft Charter is, you don’t have to plan your trip according to the standard schedule of commercial airlines.

Whether you are a travel enthusiast or a business professional, our Aircraft Charters are perfect to meet your entire travel requirement completely. Setting an example for other Aircraft Charter Companies, we also provide personalized aircraft charter services in order to fulfill your specific travel need. Select any charter on the basis of your group size, duration of trip and destination.

Orlando Jet is located in Melbourne, Florida. Our membership procedure is comprehensive and easy. We do not charge any membership fees or acquisition cost. Our programs are convenient and can be customized as per the individual travel need of client. We can provide Private Aircraft Charter on extremely short notice which is impossible with airlines. So, now you do not have to miss your important business meeting, family emergency or any other urgent situation.

Orlando jet offers a Dry-lease solution on Aircraft Charters. With our great inventory of charters, you will enjoy 24x7 availability of charter plane. We also offer quick dispatch services. At Orlando Jet, professionals use latest and quality equipment which offers unparallel safety and performance. Our aircraft charters and operating procedures are regulated by FAA guidelines.

Unlike other Aircraft Charter Companies, our private aircraft charters are recommended by reputed aircraft auditing agencies of Melbourne, Florida. Orlando Jet also provides pilot and crew member facility. Our professionals are one of the best talents available in the aviation industry, Florida.