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Orlando Jet is a famous private Air Travel Charter company, offering affordable private air jet travel charter hire services in Florida. You will have to waste your time in the hassles of commercial airline and airports if you hire our Private Air travel charter. Main advantage of taking our private Jet Charter service is, you will not have to follow the standard schedule of airlines. You can plan your business trip or holidays as and when you want.

We offer personalized private jet charter services in Florida. You can select your choice of Air jet on the basis of number of passenger, total duration and destination.

Leading the industry from several years, Orlando Jet has established its name in the Private Jet Travel industry by providing quality and prompt services. It’s based in Sanford, Florida Metro and provides private jet hire services across the globe in different countries.

Whether you want to go on a business trip or a family holiday, our Private Jet Charter Services are perfect to get extreme privacy, comfort and convenience. Undoubtedly, you get total return on your investment if you hire our Private Air Travel Charter. We provide dry-lease solution on our private aircraft charters.

Orlando Jet is a famous for its wide range of Private Air Travel Charters and ensuring that you will not face any problem related with availability, dispatch reliability and maintenance. We do not charge any acquisition cost or hidden charges. You can take advantage of our quality services for free as we offer free member ship.

Our high quality and latest equipments gives unbeatable safety and excellent performance. At Orlando, Florida, professionals never compromise on safety of clients. We assure you that our Private Jet Charter Services and operating procedure matches with FAA guidelines. We deals in best Air jet charters only which are recommended by popular Aircraft Auditing agencies of Orlando, Florida.

As a part of our Private Jet Hire service, we also provide pilots and cabin crew facility. Our professionals are one of the best talented people of aviation industry. Our Incident free safety records proves that our services are reliable and worth to invest. Before hiring any private aircraft jet, you can check Aircraft age and maintenance history.

Join us to fly safe and high.