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Orlando Jet is an indispensable part of Aviation group of Florida. Leading the industry since log, we are providing quality Private aircraft charter services across Daytona Beach, Florida. We offer economic aircraft services which can save up to two third amounts of travel expenses.

We are Daytona Beach; Florida based Private Aviation Company, offering complete range of aviation services. Private aircraft charters are perfect way to avoid the problems and delays related with commercial airlines. Whether it’s a business trip or a family holiday, our private Air aviation Orlando services are ultimate to meet your expectation. At Orlando Jet, we believe in making strong long term services with clients by providing incomparable aviation services.

We are an eminent Private Aviation Company of Daytona Beach, Florida and specialized in providing on demand private aircraft charters so that you can enjoy a hassle free and safe air travel. In addition to the standard services, we also provide personalized aircraft services in which you can select your choice of aircraft charter on the basis of number of passengers, nature of trip and duration.

We, unlike other Aviation Group Florida, we do not charge any membership fees or any acquisition cost. Our policies & procedures are clear, transparent and comprehensive. Orlando Jet offers wide range of Private Aircraft Charters, so you will not face any problem related with availability of Aircraft, dispatch or maintenance.

Due to quality maintenance services, our aircraft charters can meet your requirements and offer complete safety. At Orlando Jet, safety of our client is our prime concern. We are committed to provide high quality air aviation service in Orlando and all our operating procedures are regulated by FAA guidelines. Along with luxurious aircrafts, we also provide Pilots and crew members. Our professionals are some of the best talents available in the industry.

Orlando jet provides best aircraft recommended by Aircraft Auditing agencies. Not like other Private Aviation Company, Orlando Jet maintains safety and maintenance record. You can check our incident free safety record and maintenance record before hiring a private aircraft charter from us.

Explore any corner of world with our luxurious and quality Air aviation services.