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At Orlando Jet, you will get something special. A personal aircraft leasing service provider that offers privately owned aircraft on lease with great flexibility and simplicity. Orlando Jet enables travel enthusiasts to save up to two third off their travel expenses unlike expensive aircraft charters. Located in Melbourne, Florida, we are eminent for providing prudent personal aircraft services on lease across the Southern United States and Bahamas. We are completely efficient for offering best services, which suit all kinds of travel needs.

Best prices of private aircrafts in Sanford, FL
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Aircraft Leasing Concept

Our customers pay for the Aircraft on an hourly basis, so you only pay for what you use (aircraft, fuel and pilot), also paying the fuel and pilot direct, (eliminates a markup) compared to a Charter Company, charging their customers one price which ends up costing much much more for the following reasons: In a Charter Quote they must cover what if scenarios, building in extra flight time for possible weather and ATC delays (which increases aircraft, fuel and pilot costs) , they pay the pilot and fuel and then marking up those costs, administration fee to manage all these extra costs along with additional FAA regulations to adhere to.

No Unseen Charges

Orlando Jet is renowned for providing user-friendly privately owned aircrafts in Melbourne, Florida. It offers personal aircraft services on lease without any membership fee. At Orlando Jet, we ensure you about the quality of the aircraft and comprehensive detail about the private aircraft terminal service without any hidden cost or acquisition cost. Join us for free and enjoy high quality personal aircraft leasing services.

Availability Of Dry-Lease Solution

Orlando Jet provides privately owned aircraft on dry lease. Dry lease solution is perfect for the customer who needs a private aircraft for few hours only. In dry lease solution, one is supposed to pay for the house consumed only.

Decrease The Departure And Arrival Time

Along with personal aircraft services, Orlando Jet also provides complete and comprehensive details about the different airports and private aircraft terminal service providers of Melbourne and Florida. Such information enables a traveler to schedule the tour properly and select the airport which can reduce the departure and arrival time also.

Private Aircraft Charter For Initial Pilot Training Programs

Orlando Jet provides privately owned aircraft for the initial pilot training programs on lease. As a pilot training program consists of various levels, it demands the different kind of aircrafts. Orlando Jet is capable of providing all kinds of private aircraft charters on lease, which help professionals to improve their performance.

Get quality aviation leasing service from Orlando Jet and enjoy an efficient air travel.