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Q1. Why one should go for Private Aircraft?
Ans - The reason is simple and clear- to enjoy luxury and to save time. This is not possible with commercial airlines, you have to wait for availability of flights and have to move according to the standard schedule of the flights which is not feasible at the time of emergency. Apart from this, commercial airlines cover limited destinations, and if you want to fly to a town without a large airport, you have to rent a car and drive from that airport. With an Private Aircraft, you will land directly to the final destination and with great comfort. You can plan your holidays as per your requirements anytime.

Q2. How much does the private aircraft cost?
Ans - Variety of private aircraft is wide and distinct from each other. They are priced on the basis of aircraft type, destination, and number of flight hours, waiting time and overnights required by the customers.

Q3. Does the cost also change with the number of passengers on the flight?
Ans - No, as you lease an aircraft, the costing is done on the basis of per flight hour rather than per passenger.

Q4. Is there any additional cost which I have to pay after my trip?
Ans - Absolutely Not. We will bill you by the hour, no extra charges.

Q5. What is the maximum number of passengers, you will allow?
Ans - It purely depends on your group size and the type of aircraft you have selected.

Q6. How many days advance notice do you need before take off?
Ans - normally, we ask for minimum three hours notice to put aircraft, crew and equipment into the place. It’s obvious, the more time you will give us, the better we perform.

Q7. How can I make the reservation for my flight?
Ans - Reservation options are available on the website.

Q8. Is it safe to fly in a private Aircraft?
Ans - Yes. Our aircraft and operating procedures are regulated by FAA guidelines.

Q9. What are the destinations, I can cover?
Ans - With our aircraft, we can cover the United States and Bahamas. We provide international and domestic flights to satisfy your travel need.

Q10. What is a pressurized aircraft and non-pressurized aircraft?
Ans - A pressurized aircraft contains a cabin which is completely sealed to create a pressured feeling of ground level when it is flying at higher altitudes. It helps aircraft to fly higher and faster.

Non-pressurized Aircraft do not have such a cabin and can only fly at lower altitudes. Its mostly used for shorter trips.

Q11. WWhat about the airports you use?
Ans - We can use 6000 airports across the nation. On the basis of your itinerary, we can suggest the departure and arrival points. It will increase the comfort level and minimize the cost. Safety and convenience of clients is are our main concern.

Q12. How much baggage we can bring along with us?
Ans - It depends on your aircraft, the distance and the approximate weight of passengers. If you are flying in a small aircraft, it’s hard to make a balance with the weight of baggage and passengers. We use such information at the time of reservation and guide you thru the process.

Q13. Will the aircraft wait for me till the time I complete my bussiness?
Ans - We schedule the aircraft as per the customer’s requirement. Based on your itinerary and cost, we decide whether it’s efficient to wait for you or should return for you on the decided date. Normally, for one or two day’s trip, it’s economical to wait.

Q14. How many pilots will I get?
Ans - Strength of the crew member will depend on the type of aircraft.

Q15. Detail of the documents required for the international tour?
Ans - Each passenger must have a current and original valid passport .