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SFly Orlando Jet, and your travel time is cut drastically while your productivity is increased. We'll help choose the most convenient departure and arrival airport for you - and let you fly non-stop to it - out of the 5,400 executive airports in the US.

With Orlando Jet you will no longer need to arrive two hours early for your flight, or wait in line for the TSA screeners - the aircraft waits for you and it's ready to depart when you arrive. With Orlando Jet, upon arrival at your destination, your baggage is unloaded when you step off. Also, unlike the airlines, no matter how many people are booked on a flight the price does not change - and you're more than welcome to use the flight to conduct business while aloft.

In today's business world, executives, managers, and salespeople are doing more than ever for their respective companies. With this in mind, time is not just money, it's a matter of getting your tasks completed period! Part of the long list of amenities that private air travel affords is door to door transportation and expeditious personalized service.

For most trips when 2-5 passengers need to travel within 3 hours of your point of origin, Orlando Jet can offer significant time and expense savings.

Landing fees (if any), crew, crew meals and lodging on multi-day trips, will be the sole responsibility of the lessee.

RGW Air, Inc./Orlando Jet does not offer charters, but rather a dry-lease between RGW Air, Inc. and the prospective lessee.
Please note that any figures noted om this site are approximate, and are losely based on market conditions. Your actual expense may vary
Pilot services are not provided by RGW Air, Inc./Orlando Jet, and should be obtained under separate agreement by the lessee.
Please note that if not departing from Sanford, FL, there will be a relocation fee calculated at the standard hourly repositioning dry-lease rate of $500/hr.

Beware of any charter service, or fractional program offering free aircraft repositioning. As an educated and intelligent individual, you must realize it is not feasible to relocate an aircraft with no expense.

With Orlando Jet, there are never any hidden charges, or superflous fees.